Questions to ask when ordering your wine

A romantic date, an important business meeting or a family dinner can become into uncomfortable situations if you do not know how to choose a high quality beverage. Knowing some basic rules will help you to delight your guests with the best drink. With that purpose in mind, resort to these useful hints regarding what questions to ask when ordering your wine.

Let connoisseurs advise you about the available choices

Ordering wine from a restaurant can be quite intimidating since the waiter shows you the menu with a wide range of options. Most people, who do not know the features of each kind, end up requesting the drink of the house. However most of the time it is not the best choice as it usually is the cheapest bottle that can be sold to customers who are not very acquainted about the subject.
Therefore, it is more advisable to ask the attendant to introduce you to a sommelier with the expertise to advise you regarding the different brands available. Look at the eyes of the professional and pay attention to the body language. In that way you will be able to identify those varieties with which the connoisseur feels more affinity.

When the waiter approaches and shows you the bottle, it is important for you to check if it corresponds to the wine that you ordered. Mistakes happen more often than it seems. Especially if the restaurant is offering several choices from the same manufacturer and flasks look almost the same.

If you have ordered an aged or a very fine drink, it is advisable for you to inspect its condition. Pay attention to details like the filling level of the bottle, the import stamp, the aluminum foil that covers the cork and the temperature with a slight touch. It is worth to mention that premium wines should be stored in places colder than room temperature.

It is also advisable for you to ask about the concentration of tannin on the product. Such element is a structural component of this kind of beverages and helps it to age better. You should also check the year of production of the wine. The climatic conditions of a country in a given year greatly affect the production of that harvest. For instance, if the summer started early or there was a particularly cold winter, it is highly likely that the vineyards may have suffered.

Identifying those wines that will leave your palate completely satisfied

To order a product that is suitable for your needs, it is advisable for you to inform the sommelier about your preferences and how much you are planning to spend. On the other hand, the features of the meals will also help you to decide which beverage is more appropriate. When the food and wine are on the same level, the flavors are neutralized and your palate is satisfied by a balanced combination of sensations.

Whenever you can, taste the wine before you buy it. Ask the waiter to pour about an ounce or two of the beverage into your glass so you can easily perceive the flavor and the fragrance. Avoid bad looking drinks with unpleasant aromas.